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Drive Sales and Streamline Guest Check-in with Identity Verification helps airlines, hotels, travel companies, and more identify customers and build loyalty with exclusive promotions.

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Group Verification

Reach new customers in niche audiences through exclusive group promotions.’s group verification product allows airlines, ticketing companies, hotels, and more verify eligibility for group discounts online while reducing fraud. Build loyalty among groups such as the military, students, and teachers to drive sales and grow your brand.

Progressive Identity Verification

Identify customers online for faster guest check-in and room key activation.’s progressive identity verification empowers hotels, travel companies, and more to verify customer identity online using a risk-adaptive process. Configure a verification policy as simple or as complex as your business needs.

Why Brands Choose

Strategic Customer Acquisition

Take advantage of the member network to acquire new customers in the segments that matter to your business. will help you connect on social media, via email, and in the customers’ community.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Customers receiving exclusive student, military, first responder, or teacher discounts are more loyal than average. Customers receiving an exclusive discount have a 37% 12-month repeat rate vs. 15-25% industry average.

Frictionless Customer Experience

First-time verification is quick. Returning customer verification is even faster. Customers are re-verified in 2 clicks without ever having to re-enter the same data.

Superior Fraud Protection

Protect your exclusive discounts from non-eligible customers and unauthorized resellers.’s technology detects fraudulent attempts and abuse.

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Who We Verify

Integration Types



Make it easy for customers to apply for group discounts at checkout with an in-cart integration, or on a promotional landing page.



Create a frictionless in-store experience that removes the burden of determining customer eligibility from store employees.

Call Center

Call Center

Verify group eligibility seamlessly over the phone when customers contact your call center.