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Users of ID.me Rx must be 18 years old or older. Any savings obtained through the ID.me Rx program cannot be combined with insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and/or other discounts in a single transaction. ID.me Rx is a prescription savings program, not an insurance plan or insurance substitute. The ID.me Rx Card is free. The ID.me Rx program provides access to savings at US participating pharmacies only, to save up to $95 per prescription, and it is not valid where otherwise prohibited by law. The ID.me Rx program is not intended to provide medical advice. All use is subject to the ID.me Rx Terms of Service. ID.me does not collect or retain data subject to HIPAA. ID.me Rx users can cancel their ID.me Rx account at any time by clicking here. For more information or, to find included prescriptions and participating pharmacies (all subject to change), visit rx.id.me or call (855) 937-2595 to speak with the plan administrator support.