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Progressive Identity Verification

Flexible and Secure Identity Proofing offers comprehensive and easy-to-deploy progressive identity verification solutions to fit your business needs and risk tolerance.

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Establish Trust with Minimal Friction

When organizations offer valuable services online that require different levels of trust - Progressive Identity Verification is the solution. allows organizations to easily define pre-configured identity verification policies to verify users’ identities at the exact level of trust required to access a requested service. No more, no less.’s solution orchestrates multiple verification methods at each level of trust to ensure that all of your users are able to easily and securely prove their identity online. Young users, international users, thin-file users - we’ve got you covered.

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Configure Special Access Policies for Privileged Users

Once the legal identity of the user has been established, is able to validate additional attributes about the user for applications that require additional credentials.

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Professional Credentials: Verify if a user is a licensed professional. For example, verifies Health Care Providers to provide additional privileges for health apps.

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Group Verification: Verify if a user is: active military, veteran, student, teacher, first responder, nurse, age, and many more groups to securely deliver exclusive benefits.

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Employee Verification: Verify if a user is affiliated with an organization and if they are authorized to transact on behalf of a business.

Why Organizations Choose
for Progressive Identity Verification

Streamline Authentication

With over 23 million pre-verified users,’s network delivers a combination of best-in-class identity proofing as well as a sizable population of users ready to login.

Reduce Friction

Verifying a user’s identity is expensive for you and frustrating for users.’s user-centric approach removes friction by letting the data and trust move with the user.

No Identity Left Behind

Thin-file, international, and unbanked user populations struggle to establish their identity online with other services.’s NIST IAL2 certified Virtual-In Person proofing solution enables all users to establish their identity via video-chat with an agent.

Turnkey Deployment

Integrate’s Identity Gateway through SAML 2.0 or OAuth 2.0 and define the right policy for your workflow.’s platform orchestrates multiple verification modality APIs and delivers optimized screens to users to guide them through the process.

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