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Company Employee Verification

Instantly Verify Employees and Provide Exclusive Corporate Discounts

Deliver exclusive deals to company employees and corporate partners with employee verification.

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Why offer an employee discount

Icon customer acquisition

Customer Acquisition

Customers are more likely to try a new brand or product if incentivized with an exclusive corporate discount. Drive customer acquisition with employees and corporate partners using an employee discount program.

Icon brand advocates

Create Brand Advocates

Deep discounts inspire employees to become loyal customers and brand advocates, convincing friends and family to try and choose your brand over the competition.

Icon employee perk

Cost-Effective Employee Perk

In a highly competitive labor market, employee discounts are a cost-effective benefit that can boost morale and show employees that the company appreciates their contribution.

Who We Verify

ID.me can verify the employee statuses of multiple groups connected to your organization.

Company Employees

Offer an employee discount to build morale and loyalty among your own company employees.

Corporate Partners

Show your appreciation for the employees of corporate partners with an exclusive corporate discount.

Why Use Employee Verification

Icon promote discounts

Promote your Employee Discount Without Risk of Fraud

Corporate discount programs are often poorly promoted — marketed only on pages buried within corporate portals. With employee verification at point of purchase, you can confidently promote employee and corporate partner incentive programs without risk of fraud.

Icon streamline shopping

Streamline the Shopping Experience

Many employee discount programs often involve cumbersome manual processes. Deliver a seamless VIP experience with in-cart eligibility verification technology. Increase conversion rate with more a streamlined experience.

Why Companies Verify with ID.me

Superior Fraud Protection

Protect your exclusive employee discounts from ineligible customers. ID.me's technology detects fraudulent verification attempts and prevents employee coupon codes from going viral.

Frictionless Customer Experience

No hoops to jump through to complete a purchase. New employee verification happens seamlessly in-cart. For repeat purchases, employees are re-verified in 2-clicks without having to re-enter the same data.

Easy to Deploy

ID.me's technology is simple to integrate and can be completed in a few days. Our scalable API integrates with any platform and is developer friendly. It is easy to add additional corporate partners.