Integration Guide

Flexible Integration Options Integration Guide offers an implementation option to fit every client and their unique needs.

  • Online: We offer multiple options for online integrations:
    • In-Cart Full Integration: Allow customers to verify their group status and apply discounts within the shopping cart.
    • In-Cart Hosted Solution: Provide the seamless experience of the full integration with minimal operational costs.
    • Within Account: Verify the user’s identity during the initial account creation process or within their existing account settings.
    • Single Sign-On: Empower customers to instantly access exclusive benefits, promotions, and services with a single account, eliminating the risk of duplicate accounts.
    • Landing Page: Create a customized experience that limits the exposure of group discount programs while increasing customer loyalty.
  • In-Store: Create a friction-less store experience that removes the burden of determining customer eligibility from store employees.
  • Call Center: Verify group eligibility seamlessly when customers call your call center.
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