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Government Employee Verification

Seamlessly verify government employees and extend exclusive discounts

Attract the high spending power of federal, state, and local government employees.

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Why Offer a Government Employee Discount

Government employees represent a sizable affinity group with largely recession-proof income.

Today, there are more than
22 Million
government employees in the United States.
This number includes:
2.8 Million
federal employees
5.1 Million
state employees
14.5 Million
local government employees
These groups boast a combined
$1 Trillion
in spending power.

Earn the loyalty of these high earners with an exclusive government employee discount.

Why companies verify government employee status with

Frictionless Customer Experience

First-time verification is quick. Returning government employee verification is even faster. Government employees are re-verified in 2 clicks without having to re-enter the same data.

Government Employee Customer Acquisition

Take advantage of the member network to acquire new customers in the government employee segment.

Superior Fraud Protection

Protect your exclusive government employee discounts from ineligible customers and unauthorized resellers.’s technology detects fraudulent verification attempts and abuse.