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Identity Verification

Types of Identity Verification

ID.me offers comprehensive, easy-to-deploy identity verification solutions that fit your business needs and risk tolerance.

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Verify Identity Through Three Methods

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Online identity proofing securely verifies an individual’s identity in minutes using remote verification of physical IDs, mobile network operator (MNO) data, along with fraud and compliance checks.

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Virtual In-Person

Virtual In-person proofing allows those individuals to complete identity proofing with a trained Trusted Referee via a simple video conference session.

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ID.me offers In-Person Verification services through a partnership with Sterling. Individuals can go to a retail location and prove their identity at a kiosk using government documents, giving them access to a secure credential for important services.

ID.me’s Identity Verification Capabilities

Mobile Network

Operator SIM Verification

ID.me verifies that the SIM in the mobile device used for the verification is associated with the identity that the applicant is claiming. It also examines the tenure of the account, the location of the device, and fraud history.



ID.me scans, verifies, and parses document images using machine vision to extract content, applying a proprietary database of rules and AI to verify authenticity.

Facial Recognition & Biometric Matching

ID.me uses liveness detection and advanced machine learning technologies to determine match between applicant’s image on their government identity document and the applicant’s image on their selfie.

Why Organizations Choose ID.me as their Identity Verification Service

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NIST 800-63-3 Aligned

Meet IAL2/AAL2 identity proofing and authentication standards to comply with federal and state-level requirements.

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Interoperable Login

Once a user has verified their identity with ID.me, that person will never have to re-verify their identity again across any organization where ID.me is integrated.

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Flexible Platform

ID.me offers multiple paths to verification, granting users the flexibility to complete identity proofing through the method most convenient for them.