Frequently Asked Questions

What is is the first digital verification network that allows you to prove your group affiliations while you are online so you can access exclusive benefits. Your consists of the unique e-mail and password combination that you chose while registering. Once you verify your group affiliations, you will attach credentials to your account so you can use your unique e-mail and password logon to access exclusive benefits at any participating site.

What is Troop ID?

Troop ID is a credential issued by that allows verified members of the military community (e.g. Active Duty, Veterans, Retirees, Military Spouses and Military Family Members) to access programs intended exclusively for members of the military community. Please note that our brand partners may only accept certain subsegments of the military community for any particular offer. By way of example an “Active Duty” Troop ID holder may be eligible for certain offers while a “Military Family” Troop ID holder may not be eligible for that same offer.

How do I use my with third party sites?

Once you have verified your group affiliation, you will be able verify your affiliation with that group anywhere you see the corresponding group button on different websites. For instance, if you verify your Military affiliation then you can logon anywhere you see Troop ID displayed on a website, or, if you verify your Student affiliation, then you can logon anywhere you see Student ID displayed on a website. Please keep in mind that organizations may only serve certain segments of a group. For the military, this might mean that only Active Duty service members who have a will be able to access a particular benefit.

Where is located?

All of’s employees and data centers are located in North America.

How does protect data? uses bank grade security practices to protect your data.

Physical Security: The most important layer of security is the physical layer. Our servers are hosted in SSAE 16 validated data centers protected by armed security guards, surveillance equipment and state of the art access control technology.

PII Encryption: Sensitive data on servers is tokenized and stored separately so that even if you were able to break through our access controls, you would be unable to access customer information. We leverage an AES-256 data encryption solution with integrated key management utilized by many leading financial institutions.

Data Redundancy: We employ multiple levels of data redundancy from memory caches to redundant database servers to off-site backups performed several times each hour. Your data will always be safe with

A Safe And Secure Hosting Platform: is hosted within the Rackspace Cloud platform. Rackspace is a proven leader in the industry and they have satisfied rigorous security audits to ensure the security of the data on their servers.

What is TroopSwap?

TroopSwap offers flash sales and discounts exclusively for the military community as well as a list of partners. Check out TroopSwap to find more brands who want to serve the military but who have not yet integrated technology. Past offers have included flash sales from LEGO,, Zappos, and more great retailers. Movie tickets are permanently discounted and offered everyday through

What problem does solve?

Fraud costs retailers over 100 billion dollars every year. Due to this reality, most brands have been unwilling to extend exclusive group discounts and benefits through their digital channels without a way to verify eligibility. provides this verification solution so group members can save and brands are protected from fraud.

How do I use my to claim discounts?

Once your group affiliation has been verified, you can begin using your group credential to claim discounts on partner sites.The steps for claiming benefits through a group button are simple and comparable to popular products like PayPal:

  • Click the group button whenever you see it on a participating partner site
  • A pop-up browser window will open. Check to make sure that the web address in the popup window is and log in to your account
  • Once you are logged in to a verified account, will request your permission to authenticate your group affiliation to the partner site
  • You decide whether you will give permission for the brand to receive your group affiliation
  • If you give your permission, will tell the merchant “Yes or No” with respect to your group affiliation
  • You get the group benefit offered by the partner

Do I have to enter a code on a merchant’s site?

No! Simply click on the button that corresponds to one of your group affiliations, enter your verified e-mail and password and the discount will be applied.

How do I find a list of the places where I can use my

Visit and click on the Partners section after you logon in order to view a list of participating organizations.

How is my information used? operates on the foundational principle that our members control their own information. does not share, sell or rent your information to third parties. Individual information is only released to partner sites with our member’s explicit permission. The first time you access a benefit program on a participating site, will inform you that the application is requesting certain fields of information about you. limits information fields associated with a partner request to the fields that are directly associated with a legitimate partner need to establish eligibility. You must decide whether or not you wish to release that information or to keep it private on a case-by-case basis.

Why do you need my SSN and DOB? may require these pieces of information to verify that you are eligible for a particular benefit, particularly if the value of the benefit and the risk of fraud is significant. This information is only used to audit your eligibility. does not use this information for marketing or re-targeting purposes.